rabidkitten (rabidkitten) wrote,

Still in recovery

I've been way too busy being Suzy Homemaker since getting home Monday evening. O1 developed an infection in his mouth, so most of this week was filled with doctor and dentist appts. He is better now. Now we are frantically working on the pinewood derby car, the race is tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the first day O2 has tee ball practice. And Bx comes home.
Sometime this weekend I have to finish painting the room at the office, and clean the house. I hung laundry wearing shorts and snow boots on Wednesday and Thursday, but the snow is really almost gone-any day now.

I've been thinking over all the excellent conversations and moments during 'thon. The food was just amazing, I can't even name favorites. I left feeling well nourished, if not well rested. It was the longest I've been at a 'thon since O1 was born. I didn't squander much of my time on sleep, so I'm still catching up. However, right now I am blowing off dishes and laundry and all the rest for a couple of hours to go run in the woods. hooray for spring!

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