rabidkitten (rabidkitten) wrote,

I thought I was busy before

A local group that focuses on improving health and wellbeing invited parents to come to a meeting to discuss nutrition and school lunch. I was the only one who came. I am now going to be working with the school to improve the lunch program. I have a partner, a woman I have been enjoying getting to know through cubscouts, so that will be helpful.

I'm looking for really healthy, flavorful, inexpensive and easy recipes that could be adapted well to cooking for a lot of people. Any suggestions?

I'm excited to jump into this challenge. However, I'm realizing something may have to go. I won't be busy with Habitat until late in the fall and I won't be at the thrift store over the summer. But there is still the BRAT and scouts. I'm enjoying scouts and it's getting easier. We made marshmallow shooters this week and will have a massive battle (which they will clean up after as part of learning their outdoor code of conduct) at our next meeting. Memorial Day I am leading their first hike and earlier this month we attended a camporee where the boys did a service project, did cool stuff, and got to see a Black Hawk helicopter and meet the crew. 01 thought this was the best day of his young life.

Time to get the boys ready for school, then to the thrift store and tonight is the K-1 program. O2 will be singing and reading from his journal, he's been glowing all week in anticipation of performing tonight. Just another lazy day in the life of a stay-at-home mom. Bonbons anyone?

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