rabidkitten (rabidkitten) wrote,

Success at the thrift store

I started at the thrift store because they wouldn't take my children's books just before X-mas time. They said they had tons of books and nobody buys them. I went to look at the books and it was no wonder they weren't moving. They were old, dirty, dusty and moldy. I left the store slightly irritated, books in tow. By the time I got home, I'd decided to call and ask if they could use volunteer help.

Yesterday, my new manager told me she had put out nine big boxes of books last week. I organized and stocked four more boxes, and sold 23 books during my four hour shift. Two customers commented that they had start stopping in regularly to check out the books. I sent one grandmother out with an excellent start for her grandkids summer reading: Dahl, 'Johnny Tremaine', the Magic Tree House series and Junie B. It was a great day, topped off by a very entertaining show by the K and 1st graders.

O2 got up to the mic and said, "Good evening", and everyone laughed. He paused and said, "Good evening, I'm O2", then read his journal entry. The K performed a song written by a folksinger about the last panther killed in our town. It's called 'A Cage of Glass', as the panther is stuffed and resides at a local museum. I almost cried.

All in all, an excellent day.

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